The signing ceremony of the Hong Kong movie star "Mr. Zheng Zeshi" was successfully held! April 29, 2019 is the most significant day of "Olance Aluminum Group Co., Ltd.". In order to further enhance the market awareness and influence of the "Olanz Aluminum" brand, to achieve the grand goal of "modern enterprises dominated by high -end markets", they have sang all the way. Filtering considerations and decided to hire Hong Kong's film and television superstar Mr. Zheng Zeshi as a spokesperson for the brand image. Mr. Xiong Binbin, a sales director from the Older Aluminum Group, held a pleasant talk with Mr. Zheng Zeshi to complete the remarkable signing event. At the signing site, many media friends witnessed the signing ceremony of Mr. Zheng Zeshi and the "Orangs Aluminum Group", leaving a strong stroke in the development of the enterprise. Regarding the image spokesperson for the image of "Zheng Zeshi" as the brand, I believe that many readers want to know why "Olance Aluminum" chooses him like Xiaobian?
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